Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Concentration Number Two


For my second piece in my concentration I chose to do a piece about the relationship me and my mom had when I was young. my mom always wore a tee-shirt and overalls and she loved to dress me the same way.
I used a lot of the same techniques from my first piece in the concentration but I added texture in the fur of the animals.
This is also acrylic, wax, and MDF.

Concentration Number One

 Finished Painting

Adding Wax

Carving Out Circles
This is the start of my concentration and probably one of my favorite pieces I have made. it is of my mom when she was pregnant with me. if I could magically go back in time the only thing that I would change would be the circles in the background. when I started the project I never planned on putting the shapes in the background. since I decided to add them after I applied the wax I had to carve away the wax, paint the circles, and recover in wax. this created a lot of stray pink paint around the circles. these really bug me and I feel that it brought my craftsmanship down. other than that I am very pleased with the outcome.
This one includes: acrylic paint, MDF, and wax.
Close up of the texture

Just Some Homework...

Just a patterned elephant. LOVE IT.

Finally I Get My Hands Back On Some Wax!


For this piece we were given the assignment: Make an encaustic Piece that includes and image transfer and some type of controversial issue. I chose to do animal rights within the circus.
This is an encaustic collage on a 12x12 piece of Masonite, which includes: Acrylic paint, found objects and image transfer.
I really enjoyed this piece because it was the first time I was able to reunite with encaustic. I absolutely loved working with the encaustics in Art 4 Honors and couldn't wait to get my hands on them this year. This project was also a huge learning experience for me. It allowed me to become familiar with the encaustic wax and tools again as well as reminded me what the wax will allow me to do. I also learned a new image transfer technique that does not involve the image transfer paper that I used the year before. This piece showed me that it is extremely hard to put paint in between two layers of wax with out the paint going everywhere.

First Peice In AP Art

Gesso-ing my board


So our very first assignment this year was a gesso and charcoal drawing or painting or whatever you want to call it. I chose to do a self portrait of myself at a young age. My first reaction to this project was, man this is going to suck sooo bad; I absolutely hated it and wanted to throw it out. this project discouraged me to no end and  I felt like I would never be able to even half way master this technique. But I refused to give up. It wasn't until I began the hair that I felt like t was going to actually come together. This was one of my largest pieces but in the end I feel like it will be a strong piece to put in my breadth since it was such anew skill for me. I learned a lot from this project and plan on using this technique more in the future. this project taught me to be more open minded to new mediums and techniques.

Friday, August 2, 2013


This is my fourth summer assignment. I choose to do the bathroom counter prompt. I used charcoal, watercolor, and watercolor paper. Im not sure of the dimensions because I can't find my ruler, but I can say that is a little bit smaller than a sheet of notebook paper. I really had trouble making highlights to make the cup look like glass.